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Dr. Lebster, Founder of RediDental
Dr. Ryan Lebster, Founder of RediDental Emergency Care

Dental emergencies, Dental ER, Dental Pain, Emergency dentist Grand Rapids, Emergency Dentist Holland, broken teeth, denture repair, open EVERY DAY!  Seven Days a week!  On-Call Daily!

RediDental Emergency Dental Care, located in Holland, Michigan, was founded by Dr. Ryan Lebster in 2007.  We serve patients with dental emergencies from; Grand Rapids, Grand Haven and Spring Lake, Muskegon, Saugatuck, Douglas, South Haven, and West Michigan. 

As a practicing dentist and community volunteer, Dr. Lebster was approached many times by the local Emergency Room Physicians, churches, schools, business leaders, volunteer organizations and even local dentists, to help them find care for emergent dental needs.  After several years of research, Dr. Lebster launched his first RediDental in Holland, Michigan.

Since that time, we've treated thousands of patients with Dental Emergencies, dental pain or broken dentures and donated over $225,000 in dental care.  We've developed our systems to provide immediate Emergency Dental Care carefully, efficiently, and at the lowest cost to our patients.  We welcome patients who have a dentist or do not.  We accomodate patients with emergency needs with morning, mid-day and evening appointments DAILY.  We've provided emergency treatment for patients during evening hours, weekends and coverage when offices are closed for vacations.

We've treated people from all across West Michigan and have determined the need to expand soon throughout Michigan.

Dr. Lebster welcomes your questions, comments and suggestions.  Please feel free to contact him directly at