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From Local Dentists:
"Dear RediDental, it's reassuring for us (dentists) to know that your emergency services are available for our patients.  Thanks for your help, and we appreciate you!"
--------Dr. Bill DeWitt D.D.S. and Staff, Grand Haven, MI------------
"After one of our patients had been to your office, I promptly received notes on what treatment had been performed.  The notes were not only complete, but personal and more thorough than those of some specialist.  The patient not only left your office with the emergency taken care of, but they were well educated on what treatment had been done and what follow-up care was recommended.  I can't think of anything you could have done better.  Thank you!"
-----Dr. Boekeloo, St. Joseph, MI------
"Thanks again for seeing my patient last week.  She called me at home just after we closed for the weekend with extreme tooth pain, since you were open evenings, I sent her right over.  You treated her with a root canal therepy and she was very comfortable and happy with your service when I followed up that evening.  Thank you!"
-----Dr. L., Holland, MI------
"Use of RediDental's On-Call service has worked out great.  I like the idea of someone being available to my patients when I'm out of the office.  And I apprciate the follow-up reports that are sent with details of the patients completed treatment."
------Dr. Sweeney, Zeeland, MI
From Our Patients:

"My son needed his Wisdom Teeth Extracted.  We looked into the cost and found RediDental's to be extremely competitive!  The entire procedure only took 1/2 hour and my son was comfortable.  We had no complications at all, I highly recommend RediDental for the extraction of wisdom teeth!  Thank you to the staff at RediDental."

-------Gary A. of Grand Rapids, MI----------- 

"My dentist was out of town last weekend and I had a tooth break.  My dentist uses RediDental for their coverage and assured me I would receive excellent care.  I was impressed with the staff at RediDental, they were professional and really knew what they were doing.  The doctor treated my urgency and I was instructed to visit my dentist at my convenience when he returned.  This was a great service and I can't believe we have it here in Holland.  Thanks to all!"

-------Chris D.  of Holland, MI------------

 "My wife and I just experienced a dental emergency with one of our children.  Our son age 9 chipped a significant portion of his front right tooth off in an accident while playing with one of our other children.  Needless to say my son, my wife, myself and our other children were very upset as this accident involved damage to a permanent tooth.  We immediately called upon RediDental for help.  Once at the office, they performed a very impressive emergency procedure to attach the chipped tooth back onto the original tooth.  The entire procedure took less then 15 minutes and they had such a calming effect on my son who was very self conscious about the tooth.  You can not tell the tooth was damaged!  We can’t say enough about the professional manner RediDental demonstrated during this emergency procedure.  Their professionalism, response time, care, craftsmanship and cost were all truly exceptional..  We would highly recommend contacting RediDental for emergency dental care."

-------Ray H. of Holland, MI-----------


"I decided to try the Community Health Clinic whom referred me to RediDental.  I had no idea that this referral would end up being EXACTLY what I had needed all these years and will help kick off an amazing and long awaited new chapter of my life.
After being greeted by a helpful and caring staff, I was seen by a doctor that day.  I was professionally shown respect as a human being not as an assumed drug addict or second rate citizen or as an exhibit, but as a person reaching out for help.  I was offered many options of payment methods that would work for me and my very meager budget.  Within a week, the process that has been 15 yrs. in waiting has begun.  There aren't words to describe how grateful I am for the courteous, respectful, professional, and encouraging manner in which I'm treated with each visit. 
This is truly a life changing experience and I will be forever grateful for RediDental and its entire staff.
With Sincere Gratitude.... 
-------------Bryan S.  Holland, MI--------

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